This Cat Loves Going to School so Much that He Was Issued with a Student Body Card

Meet Bubba, the extraordinary cat. He’s different from your cat because he loves going to school every day. Nothing makes him happier than attending classes. He never misses school and all the students know him by name.

In fact, this cat loves school so much that he was issued with his own student body cat. Bubba is now officially a student of Leland High School in California.

Bubba’s school attendance is purrfect. He is a very social cat. When in school, he likes hanging out with students.

His human classmates love him so much. During class sessions, Bubba is always free to roam the school’s halls.

Bubba has made so many friends in campus and that is why he managed to get a student body card. His friends fought hard for him so that he could get one.

Bubba lives right behind Leland High School. His owner is Amber Marienthal. She adopted him back in 2009. At first, Bubba liked to spend most of his time indoors. However, he was so loud.

I think he was trying to let his family know that he wasn’t happy staying indoors and that he wanted to spend time with the students.

Every morning before school starts, Bubba always waits by the door. He is always the first to arrive at school. When the students arrive, Bubba usually greets them with a meow. The students usually pet him.

Bubba also doesn’t leave school until all the sports are done. He enjoys being at school.

This cat going to school every day is the CUTEST thing EVER!! We love him! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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