This cat waited for months on end to be adopted, decided to take matters into his hands and you won’t believe what happens next

After waiting patiently in the shelter to get adopted into a loving and caring family, this cat, seeing that it was starting to take longer than it should, decided to take matters into his hands and secure a loving home for himself. Hilarious!

Sigmund who is a 3-year-old shelter cat decided to use unique ways to fast-track his adoption into a new home; he wasn’t going to just sit down and look. He has a bubbly personality, he loves attention and he is a very playful cat; he employed all these attributes and came up with a unique way of catching the attention of potential adopters.

Sigmund started to lick the window of his cage, as though he was kissing the people passing by. This paid off in the long run for Sigmund as he got adopted when he was four years old and trust him, he settled right at home with his new family. He used his charm and humour to catch his family’s attention and make them adopt him.

Sigmund loves to play with his human father, help his humans with chores- even though he ends up scattering everything. He is a very adventurous, curious and playful cat and his family totally adores him.

It seems like Sigmund has found his fur-ever home and we are very happy for him!!! Read our next story here.

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