This cat waits every day at 12:00 for his favorite “game”, just can’t resist the urge when the flap opens

This cats patiently waits every day at 12:00 for one of his favorite things and it isn’t what you might think… If it weren’t for this video, I don’t know if I could really believe it, but this cat is very loyal to this specific time every single day!

This cat hears some noise at the door and he knows exactly who it is, because it’s 12:00 – It’s the mailman – It might actually be his most favorite thing in the day, because he dashes right up as if it’s “play time”… Hahaha! 🙂

He jumps up perfectly and grabs the mail… This cat is awesome, Just watch the video!

I can’t believe he waits for it every day, THIS cat is awesome

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