This cat was born with a rare medical condition and nobody wanted to adopt him, but he’s still full of love and life

People don’t usually like adopting pets that are terminally ill as it would mean a lot of extra care and cost as opposed to adopting regular healthy pets. Zeke was born with a medical condition called Hydrocephalus. In this condition, water would be in the brain and this, in result would cause pressure in the brain.You can imagine the amount of the pain this little furry creature would have had and still have to go through.

In addition to this, Zeke also has twisted legs but all these things are not stopping him from living a happy life; he even walks on his shoulders or hops, how cute is that! He has proven that despite his disabilities, he can live a very normal life; he also has a lot of abilities. Zeke is a very smart cat, he knows his name and even answers to it and comes running when you call him, he has medical issues but has still continued to remain a bundle of optimism and happiness.

Way to go Zeke! He also has a brother from another mother called Super Hero who is suffering from the same illness as he is. Super Hero is a very lucky kitten and now, he acts as Zeke’s elder brother and protects him. Talk about sticking together!!! Zeke now has a shot at a regular life; he is receiving a lot of care and love in the shelter where he is presently.

We wish Zeke all the very best and hope that he finds his forever home very soon! Read our next story here.

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