This cat was found covered in fleas and sores and abandoned with a sign warning people not to touch him

Cats just like humans need all the care and attention they can get. This cat was found under a staircase at a house where he was said to have spent all of his life in Ontario. When Sylvester was found, he was covered in fleas, sores, his ears were frayed and he had a very severe case of ear mites, needless to say he had not been getting the care he was supposed to have been getting and it was already telling on his body.

Rob Boisvert, a rescuer from Refuge RR heard about Sylvester and decided to see him, when he got to where the cat was, he saw a note attached next to Sylvester that said “Please leave cat alone. Cat there for a reason. Thank you”. It was later discovered that the reason was to control the rat population in that house but what they failed to realize what that the cat was too tired, hungry and cold to do any rat chasing so he was more or less just kept outside for nothing.

Rob got the cat out of the house and took him to Country Cat Sanctuary, where Sylvester was gradually nursed back to health, soon enough, due to the proper care he was getting, the ear mites went and he started eating well and gaining weight. Sylvester’s story was put up on Facebook and it has since gone viral. It has been two months now since he was rescued and he is more than ready to get adopted into a loving and caring home.

We hope that he finds the perfect human parents who are willing to love him!!! Read our next story here.

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