This cat was found in the snow and she was so grateful to be saved, look at how she showed her gratitude

The fact that her rescuers were at the right place at the right time is what saved this cat. Three rescuers of Kitty Kitty Rescue stumbled upon a really cold and starving female cat at the edge of the road when they were driving back to the shelter. The rescuers who have a passion for rescuing did not waste any time in getting out of their car to save the stray cat.

They ended up naming her “Hobbit”- meaning bright and fed her, they expected someone to come by for her but sadly, she wasn’t micro-chipped so they couldn’t be sure if she belonged to anyone or not. For now, Hobbit stays in the shelter, has enough food to eat and many volunteers that are more than willing to cuddle with her. How lucky is Hobbit? She has settled well enough at the shelter and couldn’t be happier.

Watch the amazing rescue:

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