This cat was found paralyzed and now works as a “nurse” helping other animals

Helping others is a very good thing and you never know whose life you might be affecting this way. Meet Lucifer aka Luc or Lyutsik, who lives in Russia. He has taken to helping other animals, and also taking care of the sick animals in the animal clinic where he stays.

When Luc was first found and taken to stay in the clinic, he was a very young cat and had a damaged spine form haven fallen from a window. His legs were paralyzed and he could not walk but with constant care and attention from the vet doctors at the clinic, he recovered and regained use of his legs.

Lucifer shows his appreciation for all the care and love he received by staying on in the clinic to help other animals that are sick. When he sees animals that are sick, he stays beside them, offering love and support for as long as he thinks they might be in need of it. Luc strives to make them feel better by being a friend to them. How kind and selfless is that! He doesn’t limit himself to some particular animals; he supports animals that you might not expect would appreciate his company.

His positive energy and attitude is what makes all the difference. Lucifer has become a favourite of the staffs and clients of the clinic; including the ones that follow the clinic on Instagram. Be like Lucifer, help someone today!

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