This cat was trapped in a ventilation pipe for two days, surviving against all odds, and you won’t believe what happens to her next!

Imagine having to stay trapped in a scary place without any hope of getting help for two whole days, awful is what comes to mind. Unfortunately, that was what this little kitten had to go through, she was trapped in a ventilation pipe for two days, she was lonely, scared and cold and didn’t even know whether help was coming or not.

After working and drilling with different tools for hours, they were able to rescue the cat; the poor creature was so grateful to have been rescued after being stuck for days and she was thankful that there were people who loved her enough to be concerned and even save her. Thankfully, this story ends happily as the cat was rescued and given the proper medical care. 

Watch the incredible rescue:

We’re very happy and amazed at the kind and loving hearts of the people who went out of their way to rescue the kitten!! Read our next story here.

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