This cat won’t stop stealing its neighbours clothes and bringing them back as gifts — so funny!

Meet Bella. She’s an amazing cat who is greatly loved by her family. Bella is great and all, except she has a small problem. Bella is a thief, and is addicted to stealing random peoples clothes.

One day, Bella’s owner found that the cat brought home a couple pairs of socks to the doorway. What she didn’t know was that this was just the beginning of a love for stolen goods! haha

Thinking the stolen socks were funny, the owner tossed the old socks to the side, forgetting about them. THEN the next day, Bella brought home more socks, and then a shirt, and then a child’s painting, and then some MORE shirts.

The stealing continued and got worse. I’m sure Bella doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing to her victims, but I sure feel bad for them. The amount of of clothes Bella has stolen is out of control. You can find more clothes that Bella stole here.

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