This cute cat has a human-like face and has become an internet sensation overnight

People are either freaked out or very much intrigued when they come in contact with weird things; they have not seen before or things that are very strange to the average human. This was exactly the case with Valkyrie. She is a two months old cat with a human-like face, yeah, you read that right, a human-like face!

She has become an internet sensation because of her peculiar looks and human facial expressions. Just in case you were wondering why people are very much interested in this cat, you should take time out to check for her pictures; seeing them would put things in perspective for you. She became very popular after her video was posted on @catsvillcounty Instagram account, everybody suddenly wanted to know who this peculiar looking cat was and why she had looks similar to that of humans.

Her current owner, Tatiana Rastorgueva decided to open an Instagram account for her already popular cat and post pictures on her page and sure enough, people could not help but fall in love with her. However, the particular reason why she has that kind of face is still not clear. Her dreamy beautiful eyes might be one of the reasons or it might just be her body structure. The cat was for sale on a Russian cat website but she has already been sold.

She is a very peculiar creature right? I thought so too. You can follow Valkyrie on Instagram for more beautiful pictures. Read our next story here.

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