This German Shepherd adopts these tiny kittens as one of his own

One thing we love to see is when cats become friends with dogs or other animals. The video below is just what we’re talking about and makes us so happy!

This owner was helping out the animal shelter by raising a fresh batch of kittens. Although she wasn’t sure how her own German Shepherd at home would react to the kittens, the dog welcomed them with open arms. In fact, the Shepherd even helped the owner raise the kittens! The owners was in charge of feeding them, and the dog was responsible for washing and toileting. This combination worked great and all the kittens had grown up as healthy as can be when returned back to the animal shelter.

Watch the adorable video below!

Who needs a momma cat anyways when you have a helpful, loving German Shepherd like this! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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