This grumpy cat is acting like a grandfather to foster kittens and he totally loves doing it!

Grandfathers stand in place of our fathers sometimes; teaching us new things, basically sharing their wisdom and helping us navigate in life. That is exactly what this cat is doing for these foster kittens. When he was found, he was sick and needed urgent medical attention, he was even what the shelter termed as a priority cat. His tail had been broken in many parts, he had a huge tumour under his paw, he had been living on the streets for so long.

Rescuers trapped him and brought him to the shelter for proper care, to their surprise, he was a model cat; he let the rescuers take care of him without making a fuss. The people at the shelter wanted to make sure Mason lived a good and comfortable life for the rest of his short life. At first, he hated living in homes but everything changed when he met the foster kittens. Mason would get so excited when they are around, he would give them baths and take them with him to different places.

He even trains them and helps them learn not to bite too much; he puts his face on the foster kitten till the cat calms down. It is very obvious that he loves them and he does this for every batch of foster kittens that come in. Mason has currently outlived his initial prognosis- he was given four months to live but he is still healthy, happy and is still strong enough to play with the foster kittens.

Have you ever seen anything like this? We’re so happy for Grandpa Mason!!! Read our next story here.

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