This hilarious cat just loves cuddling with peaches and can’t seem to get enough

We all like to snuggle up with one thing or the other- it might be a pillow, a cat, anything! But this cat oddly enough prefers to snuggle with peaches. How weird is that!

Ozzy was found at the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive, Michigan by the Coutre’s and they were immediately attracted to him. He was adopted in 2013, Ozzy is a very normal cat, he likes to play, have his picture taken and even to cuddle but for some reason, he has also taken to snuggling with peaches – this likeness, however, does not extend to other circular fruits, he turns his nose up in disgust at other fruits.

To Ozzy, it didn’t matter where he the peaches were- whether he finds it in a basket or on a table, he just has to snuggle with it. Surprisingly enough, he does not eat the fruits, he is content enough to lie around the fruits and guide them. He even prefers lying with the fruits than on a bed. Some pictures of Ozzy were shared on twitter and he has become quite the sensation. Watch the adorable video below!!!

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