This Hilariously Curious Cat Won’t Stop Bringing Home Sponges!!!

Just like every human being is different, cats also have different personalities. There are cats that are very playful while there is some cat that just prefers to spend most of their time sleeping. For the owner of one particular cat called Milo, his cat keeps on baffling him every day.

Milo is a male cat that is a bit different. He is not like other cats. Cats like to go out hunting occasionally. When cats hunt, they will bring home things like birds and mice. For Milo on the other hand, when he goes out hunting, he brings home sponges.

According to Milo’s owner, Milo has been hunting sponges ever since he learned to go out on his own. He has brought home sponges on several occasions. The first time he did this, Milo’s human dad was very surprised. He was inside the house and he heard some meowing outside. When he looked outside, this is what he saw.

When Milo’s human dad was asked where he thinks Milo gets this sponges from, he said that he thought he must be getting them from some confused family in the neighborhood. From the look of things, it looks like Milo will not stop hunting sponges anytime soon.

When Milo is not out hunting, he likes spending some time with his humans. Maybe Milo is trying to tell his human friends how he enjoys hunting sponges and how he is not planning to stop any time soon.

Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? Truly hilarious!!! Read our next story here.

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