This kitten was born with two different faces and she’s the most beautiful cat you would ever come across!

You would probably avoid a person that has two faces and even any type of animal that might be two-faced- because oh well, it is very creepy but you would definitely not be able to resist this cat. Her name is Narnia and she’s by far the most beautiful kitten you would ever come across. She is a British shorthair cat that was born on May 28, 2017, she stood out immediately from the rest of the litter because of her striking features- she had a rare fur tone- her fur is of two tones: black and grey.

For her owner, Stephanie Jimenez, it was love at first sight; she decided immediately that she was going to keep her and give her a loving home. Narnia is all grown now and she is even more beautiful than she was when she was a kitten. The cause of her two-toned fur is unknown at the moment but animals born like this are called ‘chimeras’.

When a cat’s cell contains two different DNAs and two embryos fuse together, a feline chimera is created. In the case of Narnia, she might have originally supposed to be two kittens but she ended up becoming one beautiful combination of the two. She is very adorable and unique. You don’t get to see cats as striking as Narnia every day of the week; she is as rare as they come.

I know I sure do want to have a pet as beautiful as Narnia!!! Read our next story here.

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