This kitten was raised by ferrets and now thinks that she is one too and it’s TOO adorable!!!

Meet Komari, she was found and rescued by a pack of ferrets when she was just five weeks old, she was scared, cold, sick and starving and these ferrets quickly took her in as one of their own. They did not make her feel left out or out of place amongst them, if they felt slighted by her presence, they sure did not show it, they also fed her and gave her the care and attention she lacked.

She has 6 older ferret brothers that protect her, look out for her and now, Komari is so used to being with them that she even sees herself as a ferret too. Even though she has grown to be significantly larger in size than her brothers, Komari still cuddles, plays with and protect her brothers and in return, like all older siblings do, the ferrets still protect their little sister. Although it might seem weird; seeming as she stays with ferrets, Komari has found a happy and loving home with these ferrets and we are very happy for her!

Watch the incredible video!!!

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