This man said he didn’t want to hold a kitten, but this incredible cat quickly changed his mind

Cats are gentle creatures that enjoy being petted, being cuddled and snuggled with so when this man refused to hold a kitten, she took matters into her paws and won him over. The kitten was found with 4 other siblings of hers in a local golf court without their mother in visible sight for two days so his sister took the kittens and took it upon herself to take care of them.

After the kittens were brought home, the man said he wasn’t going to hold them and even tried to stay away from the kittens as he already had a 14-year-old cat and was not looking to have more. One of the little kittens; a calico, however, had a different plan in mind; the more the man refused to hold them, the closer she got to him, she even demanded cuddles from him, she just wanted warmth and to be held. Eventually, he could not avoid the kitten any longer and allowed the little kitten sleep on his shoulder and snuggle up against him.

The kittens began to grow and are now very playful. Initially, they wanted to put up all the cats for adoption but the little calico has warmed her way into their hearts and they have decided to keep her. They named her Birdy and she is now three months old and the man who tried to resist her is now her closest companion.

We love how cats have the power to win people over so quickly. How sweet is Birdy???

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