This senior cat has no ears and was desperate for love but luckily for him, he finds the perfect home ever

Senior cats are always the hardest to adopt, when they have one health issue or the other, it is always harder to find a home for them and a majority of them end up staying back in the shelter. Otitis is one lucky cat in this regard, not only was he a senior cat, but he also did not have ears at all.

His ears had to be removed because he had large cysts in them so he was basically deaf but this did not deter Molly Lichtenwalner, the woman that adopted him from doing so, she was looking for a pet to adopt that would help her with her anxiety problems as she was of the opinion that having a furry companion to snuggle with would go a long way in helping her deal with the anxiety.

She fell in love with otitis and it was love at first sight! She grew up around cats and told herself that she was going to adopt a special needs senior cat because those were the ones that found it most difficult to be adopted and placed into loving homes. She really has a heart of gold! She went on ahead to adopt otitis from the shelter that was fostering him: the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore which was where she found out about the ears.

Molly does not care that otitis is deaf, for her, he is her emotional support animal who is constantly by her side, snuggling and napping with her. We are happy both Molly and Otitis found each other!!! Read our next story here.

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