This stray cat accepts food only in bags so it’s become a wonderful routine between cat and rescuer

Life on the streets as stray cats is particularly hard compared to that of house cats. Stray cats have to search for their everyday meal and constantly struggle to stay alive. Although stray cats are normally wary of people, when there is free food involved, they would gobble it all down before running away to safety.

A volunteer decided to give food to the stray cats in her area and one particular feline stood out. This stray cat would turn up her nose at both fresh and dry food served; the volunteer had to look for alternatives and decided to try out serving the food in bags. The feline preferred this method and it soon became a routine for the two of them.

Wait until you see the video!

We are so happy that they are now safe and finally off the streets. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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