This stray cat befriends a man, refuses to let him go and now she has found a forever home with him.

Cats are such beautiful and caring creatures, they can gradually worm their way into your heart, even snuggle with you and make you forget your worries. This was the case for Connor Manning from Los Angeles, he had recently gotten out of a relationship and was feeling sad then he met this kitten that refused to let him go.

He was walking home one night when he came across a stray cat who immediately took a liking to him. He thought he would just pet it and be on his way but the kitten refused to let him go home alone, after getting some pats on the head from Manning, she followed him all the way home. When she got to his house, the curious cat explored every corner as if to take note of her new home.

Manning decided to name her Socks and the both of them spent time enjoying each other’s company and he was willing to give her a forever home despite his allergies! Watch the adorable video below!!!

Socks is one very lucky kitten. Now, Manny has found a way to cope with the allergies and they are both doing so well together. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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