This ten year old cat shows up on a family’s front porch and just sat there till help came his way

This cat showed up on a family’s front porch and hid his paws, I am sure the family would have been confused as to why it was doing that but upon closer inspection, they noticed that the cat needed help. Buster came to the family’s front porch in October and just sat there. The woman that found him decided to take him to the vet for proper care as he was in poor shape; every step he took caused him pain.

It was discovered that Buster was suffering from a condition in which his front paws would become raw and this would ultimately make walking very stressful and difficult for him. The shelter (Lollipop Meow) began daily treatments for him, washing and dressing his paws every day, Buster was very patient throughout this period, he didn’t complain or stop them from treating him.

Fortunately for him, his paws are healing very nicely, at first he had to wear mittens on his paws so that he would not lick his paws and disturb the healing process but after a while, the mittens were removed and he had to wear a cone on his head. Today, buster’s paws are so much better and he is the picture of health; he can walk properly and not have to hide his paws. We hope that he would soon get a loving and caring family that would give him the love he deserves.

Buster is a very gentle and affectionate cat and we are very happy he got the help he needed. Love this!!! Read our next story here.

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