This tiny foster kitten had a huge personality and was in desperate need of a forever home, and when he found one it was magical!

Widdle has a big personality but he’s a tiny cat compared to it. Widdle’s not scared of anyone and has no problem starting fights, losing them and starting new ones immediately. Widdle likes to annoy his canine older step-brothers as well.

Despite sometimes being a little annoying (adorably annoying) and thieving food and chocolate milk sometimes, Widdle is still very charming and even more loved by his family, not only the humans but also the cats and the dogs.

At his current home, Widdle was originally only a foster cat but his owners soon realized they could not let Widdle go. And so the tiny cat stayed with them and has successfully found a forever home.

You can follow Widdle on Instagram here (and you really should, he’s adorable.) In fact, here’s a sneak peek at Widdle successfully annoying a much bigger cat.

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We wish Widdle the very best in life and may his conquests, however big or small, always be successful.

You can watch the video on Widdle here!

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