Two wonderful cats create a bond that turns sadness into love

Mami is a beautiful furry cat. Her stature is big and her energy is elated every time. But what stands out more about her if her drooping face and teary eyes, she looks sad and unhappy. But this is also her biggest weapon yet her history is also not far from what her eyes reveal when you look at her, as she raises her paws to gain your attention you quickly shift to her eyes which look sad and disconnected.

Mami was found in a dumpster and the environment does not call for one to love but to survive and this is exactly what she learnt there. A family friend sent them a picture of Mami and it was love at first glance and they could not resist her beautiful intriguing face. Mami’s transition was not all rosy for her new family members the first day they took her home with them she looked despondent and disconnected from them, which made them feel like they had made a poor choice and her being distant with them did not help the situation.

Watch the beautiful story below:

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