Watch these hilarious cats who got into their owners weed plants

We all know the effects that catnip have on cats, but have you ever seen the effects of cannabis on cats? Turns out they’re essentially the same as when humans consume cannabis!

These two cats got into their owners marijuana plants and well, it looks like they’re having a great time. This owner was concerned her plants weren’t getting enough sunlight so she moved them closer to the house. What she probably didn’t expect is for her two adorable cats to eat her plants, and get high as a kite. She then whips out her phone and records the two cats in their state of relaxation and bliss. This is one time where you can’t get mad at your pets for digging and eating your things, cause it’s just too funny to watch!

Watch the hilarious video below!

Maybe the owner will think twice next time she moves her marijuana plans closer to the house where the cats have access to it. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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