Watch the hilarious video of a cat defending its territory against a tiger

We all know cats are famous for protecting their territory. They will hardly let someone push them around, and will always defend its space. Well what happens when a member of the same species tries to approach the cat?

Alright, so this tiger may not be exactly from the same species as the cat. This video is hilarious because obviously, the tiger is not a real tiger, but for some reason, the cat thinks it is. The stuffed tiger (operated by a human) is trying to get into the house but there’s no chance the cat will let this happen.

Take a look for yourself and watch the video below!

The cat becomes hysterical and is doing its best job to scare the tiger away. If I’m that stuffed tiger, or any tiger at all, I would definitely not mess with this cat. You can see the claws come out and the teeth start to show. Those are signs to stay away.

I wonder how the cat would react if a REAL tiger tries to enter its home. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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