Watch this cat play Jenga like an absolute pro

We all know cats have special talents that will surprise you, but I never thought playing Jenga would be one of them!

Jenga’s a great game for the whole family, and now they are cat friendly apparently. This adorable little kitten has watched its owner play the game and wants to join in on the fun. He learns how to swipe the blocks away with his paw, and actually isn’t too bad at it!

But at the end of every game, there is always someone who rage-quits, and that’s exactly what the cute cat does when he takes a big swipe at the whole Jenga tower.

Watch the cute and amazing video below!!

It’s pretty impressive how the cat has learned to play. I might need to get some lessons from him if I want to up my Jenga game! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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