Watch what happens when this Pit Bull and cat come together and form a beautiful friendship

Pit bulls are notorious for being dangerous and aggressive dogs. There is definitely a stigma around them which causes people to stay away. This isn’t the case with all pit bulls, as some of them can be very friendly and playful.

People warned the owners of this cat and pit bull to not put them together, because you never know how the pit bull will react. Well, what happened is something they never expected! Turns out the pit bull and pet cat became best friends and cuddle buddies! After being put together, both the animals sprawl out on the couch and continue to cuddle one another and enjoy each others company.

Not only do they snuggle up with one another, but it almost looks like they are twins! The same colour patterns these two share make this whole situation even more adorable. Watch the adorable video below!

This little kitten cuddled right up to the pit bull and it appears the dog returned the love. They both seem to enjoy each others company and that’s all you can ask for when pets meet other pets. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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