Woman saves feral cat from the streets, begins building trust through training and changes the cat’s life

Abby was an old looking cat, her coat was unappealingly dirt-brown and her eyes were a frog-like green. Tilly had spent her whole 18months in my local branch of cats’ protection, No one wanted to adopt her because she was an unlovable cat (according to her appearance and behaviour).

Celia Haddon who also worked with a bunch of feral cats and offered them protection decided to adopt Abby with an intention of changing her. Abby was very shy, unfriendly and could give you an attack face when you tried to be sweet, It was a journey to tame her and gain her trust.

Watch how Abby’s training began below!


Instead of changing Abby, the cat was changing Celia all this time. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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