Women gets her cats ready for nap together, but it’s almost impossible – and so cute it’s worth it!

These adorable cats have a very creative owner. These cats do cooperate most of the time, but one of them, in particular, isn’t too excited about going to bed, but after she tucks them all in, they almost fall asleep – the video is TOO cute!

Cats usually love being in a comfy bed all warm with a blanket, but we’re not sure what to say about this after seeing the cats response. Most of them don’t mind at all, but mr. Grey doesn’t like his nap time at all! LOL.

These kitties aren’t completely sure, but it’s seriously the most adorable thing ever… Just watch the sweetest little video!!!

These cats are SOO adorable, oh my It’s the most priceless thing ever! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here! 🙂

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