Women trained her cats to do the craziest tricks when most people thought it was impossible for them to do it

We’ve all seen some pretty cool videos from America’s Got Talent show, but sometimes you get some talent that doesn’t directly involves humans – this time its cats.  Some people might think it’s impossible to train cats, but wait till you see this.

These cats are called the Savitsky Cats and they’re trained so well you will hardly imagine that they’re even cats to be with – it’s truly astonishing to see them do these tricks!  When the cat jumps through the hoop, the crowd goes wild!

These cats are so well trained it’s hard to believe its actually real.  This is amazing. (continue to the bottom for the video)

The cat leaps through a piece of paper, breaking through it on live TV.

Most cats would be scared and run away, but these cats have some of the worlds best trainers and they know just what to do.  It’s truly amazing!

Another cat was trained to climb on a bamboo poll a long distance to get a treat

Most people would say something like this might be impossible, but these cats are so good at what they do, they even made it to America’s Got Talent.  I’ve seen cats doing tricks sometimes, but this is probably the most amazing performance I’ve ever witnessed!

These cats have the most exciting trick routine I’ve ever seen… Just watch the video!

This is amazing, I’ve honestly never seen such a talented group of cats…I wonder how they trained them so well?!

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