Women walks in the room, but then little baby Siamese kitten sees her and she just can’t help it, SOO CUTE

Little Siamese kitten, Billie, is so happy to see her human that she cannot stop purring and head-bumping her human! She is such a little sweetie who has so much love to give. You’ve got to how loud her purr is – coming from such a tiny body!

Itty bitty kitties like Billie are the best – and when they adore you, there is nothing better. Once in a great while we find a sweet video like this and it’s just TOO adorable for us NOT to share it with everyone, and you can see it below!

This precious little kitten is just TOO MUCH cuteness, awww... Just watch the adorable video!!

This is one of the sweetest vocal kittens ever! Love this story? Share it and read our next item here!

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