You have to see these pictures of cats who were lucky enough to find their forever homes

Cats are living, breathing things with feelings just like you and me, and they crave loving homes like us as well. It’s sad how many cats have the misfortune of bouncing from home to home, or worse, not having one at all.

These pictures of those who have found those forever homes, however, will fill your heart. Pets are big responsibilities, but if you do it right, you gain a family member for life, and it’s totally worth it!

Scroll down to see the before-and-after photos of these adorable felines who’ve gotten the royal treatment.

1. After all this time, looking out a window holds more entertainment than we as humans will never understand.

2. When you refuse to admit you’re getting older.

3. Who says parrots are the only ones who can perch on their owners shoulders? 

4. These sisters are just as beautiful as ever.

5. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too big or little to hold on to what you love.

6. Someone’s gotten accustomed to a certain way of life… Go ahead and TRY to tell him differently. I dare you.

7. This cutie never grew tired of exploring bags.

8. How adorable, he still fits!

9. Sometimes you just need to relax in the sink.

10. These sassy sisters ‘glowed-up’ beautifully!

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