Yoyo the blind cat celebrates a year since his heartwarming rescue!

Just a year ago, Yoyo was about to be put down when a couple spotted a post featuring him on Instagram and rushed to the shelter first thing in the morning to rescue him. Yoyo may not have eyes but he’s full of love and playfulness so one family was happy to take him.

The couple never planned on adopting special needs cats, and was only supposed to foster Yoyo temporarily but that quickly changed. “It’s kind of something that found us,” they claim. All of the six cats they have adopted do have special needs and are well cared for. Yoyo is an incredibly happy cat who oftentimes engages in fun shenanigans like climbing into kitchen drawers.

Yoyo recently celebrated a very special day with all his immediate and extended family. A year after being rescued, he was thrown a party or rather, a gift shower. Yoyo got a bunch of presents that he could not be happier about! Watch his incredible story below!

Yoyo also frequents the dance studio where one of his owners, Lauren, works and everyone there loves him to bits. Yoyo and the other 5 cats also have an Instagram page and it is absolutely ADORABLE. Love this story? Share it and read our next item here.

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